Parenting a Dyslexic Child Takes Both Science and Faith

Ellen wrote an article for PRH’s Brightly on what it’s like to navigate dyslexia as both a parent and child psychologist.

Messy Jesus Business Review

“This book fills a gap that I didn’t know existed.” Where else do you get such a marriage of Christian ideology and child psychology? In what other parenting books will you find the nonviolent principle of “The Myth of Redemptive Violence” paired with psychological concepts in moral and cognitive development in children? It’s a holy, welcome juxtaposition.

Back to school: Start the year off right with a better way to parent

A Cliff’s Notes version of 7 new parenting books for back to school time including Bless This Mess. Molly and Ellen featured in The Austin American Statesman.


RevGalBookPals Review

“Do you need a book that gently and effectively melds progressive Christian theology with the (non-Pinterest) realities of parenting? Are you trying to locate your own parenting practice somewhere between books that advocate spanking and books that suggest wine pairings with your overnight oats? May I suggest Bless This Mess…”

A beautiful review in the form of poetry from the gifted Maren Tirabassi.